Hay Search on Craigslist Made Easy

Bid4Hay is trying to make searching for hay easier on you. Now you search an entire state of craigslist hay ads right from our site. Why bother with painstakingly searching by each region within a state, when you can search the whole state right on our site. Visit our Craigslist Hay Search by State today. Hope you enjoy and be sure to visit our very own classifieds as well.

Craigslist Easy Search

Our Craigslist hay listings went down in June 2014 . While we diligently sought after a fix, we were unable to find resolution. Thus we created our New Craigslist Easy Search. Our old Craigslist Hay Search will remain in place as they occasionally still work, but will eventually be phased out. So check out our new easy search and also check out our very own hay classifieds and post them for free.